NewAir Beer Cooler

NewAir ABR-960 Beverage Cooler

If you’re like me, then you have more beer than available fridge space. I was taking up all available space in our house’s main fridge. There were beers in both bottom drawers, usually reserved for vegetables and fruit. There was beer all over the door shelf space, even in between sauce bottles. I even went so far as to lay some beers sideways in a pullout drawer. I even have a small fridge in our master bedroom, that was once used to store milk for our baby who is now a toddler with his own room. So that in-room fridge got converted to a beer and water fridge, water for the middle of the night and mornings after drinking. And when that wasn’t enough, I employed the use of an ice cooler, a Gatorade branded one to be exact. It was an arduous task every morning having to drain out the water from the melted ice and then replacing the ice with new ice from the freezer. The ice trays I had were getting overworked and started to fall apart.

I was looking for a solution that wouldn’t mean having to go out and buy another fridge just for the garage, what with the small amount of space we have left in our garage. I opted to try out a cool looking Newair fridge. I have always wanted a small glass door fridge. Having the glass door makes it easier for me to see what beer I am going to have next, without having to open the door, and losing some of that cold air in the process.

I also wanted a small fridge that would be able to fit underneath the counter for when the inevitable kitchen remodel occurs. It was only logical I go with the Newair ABR-960 Built-in Beverage Cooler.

Delivery was fast. It was on my doorstep in less than a week. I consider myself a somewhat semi-manly man, and was able to lift the box onto the front doorstep. From there, I opened the box, to reveal another box protected with a lot of foam padding and additional structural cardboard supports. I removed that box and place it in side the house. Once inside the house, I cut the straps and lifted the box to revel the plastic covered cooler atop a cardboard and styrofoam base. Still semi-manly, I was able to move and kinda slide the cooler a little bit into the place I wanted it.

Right now, it situates beside my current kitchen fridge, in netween that an the buffet counter/wine and glassware storage, i.e. bar. The unit is 15 inches wide by 23 inches deep, and 34 inches in height. I even lined it up against my countertop for reference. The compressor cooling is way more quiet than even our in-room fridge and the water cooler we have.

It took me about 2-3 hours to get the cooler at it’s coldest, which is 36°F. From there, I started putting my valuable craftbeer cans in.

I currently have it fully stocked with 16oz beer cans, pretty much the craftbeer standard as of late. I have been able to fit 80 16oz cans (72 upright, 8 on their side) upon first shelf installation. The unit is advertised to hold 96 cans (12oz) or 58 beer bottles. I am going to try another shelf placement as the unit has 3 extra shelves after the way I did it. Either way, I am happy.

There is also an available lock, which locks from the bottom, with 2 keys. I plan on locking the cooler when company with children come by, or if someone unexpectedly comes over and I immediately don’t trust them. Oh, and also for people that I do trust, but that bring over basic beer, like a 30pk of something light, and decide it’s fair trade value for anything in my cooler.

Check it out at the NewAir site, and use code LOUIEBATON for 20% off. There are numerous other models available as well for a variety of uses, not just beer.

ABR-960 Key Features:

  • Adjustable LED blue lighting
  • Compressor-powered chiller produces minimal vibrations
  • Cools down to a perfect 36 degrees
  • Smart compact design stores up to 96 cans or 58 beer bottles
  • Stainless steel frame and handle are frost free for easy maintenance
  • Sturdy double-paned glass door is reversible
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