Strike Brewing
2099 S 10th St #30, San Jose CA 95112

It’s a small brewery space, in an industrial lot. The taproom is directly center of the actual brewery space. There is plenty of seating and merchandise. Get your proper glassware and T-Shirts. As with other industrial spaces, the bathroom is single stall. There are also canned beers and bombers that I have not seen sold retail.

Kids are welcome. I didn’t check ahead of time if that was listed anywhere, but I gambled. I saw a pic out of hundreds online and I saw someone holding a baby. There’s no baby changing table.

We got in around 5:00pm on a Saturday and there were only 2 other people. At about 5:30-45 the place picked up and all seating was taken.

strike 20150905_175838
strike 20150905_175830
strike 20150905_175822
strike 20150905_173908
strike 20150905_173906
strike 20150905_172537
strike 20150905_172504

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