Hapa’s Brewing Company


Hapa’s Brewing Company
460 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose CA 95126

The building space it is in is kinda cool. There are other units in the whole  building that looks like it used to be an old warehouse but updated to look like it wasn’t updated. Kinda like that rustic West Elm catalog vibe. The space that Hapa’s Brewing Company is fairly large, and there’s plenty of floorspace and seating. We did have trouble finding seating on a Sunday afternoon, though. There’s food truck service parked outside, where you can freely enter and exit through a garage type loading dock entrance.

There are only four beers on tap, a blonde, a pale, an IPA, and a porter. There is crowler service if you didn’t bring a crowler and wanna take beer home. The beers are alright, nothing very outstanding. The real winner here is the snazzy decor and ambience of the space. Very picturesque and selfie-friendly.

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