Drake’s Brewing Company

1933 Davis St #177, San Leandro CA 94577

The location is kinda tough to find at first, it is accessed through the same parking lot as the odd 2-story strip mall and WalMart. If looking at the entrance of WalMart, it is to the right, you’ll notice the parking lot extends towards the back where the shopping carts are all lined up. It used to be a Caterpillar manufacturing plant, the brewery is split into two buildings, the taproom should be easy to find.

The first fridays of the month, they hold an event that offers more beers in the parking lot. The cost of admission goes to charity.

Kids are welcome to the taproom and first fridays, but exercise judgment. They list on the site that babies need be in a bjorn or a stroller (no kiddies running around, so at least get your kid to behave).

drakes 20140801_172344


Drake’s Dealership

2325 Broadway, Oakland CA 94612

The space is an old Dodge dealership parts and service department. The entrance (pictured) is plain and simple, but upon first entering you are in a large gravel outdoor seating area. There is plenty of indoor sitting space as well. The menu consists of appetizer style food meant for sharing with the table.

Kids are welcome here as it is more of a restaurant than a bar.

drakes deal 20150809_213048
drakes deal 20150809_213008
drakes deal 20150809_212955
drakes deal 20150809_212952
drakes deal 20150809_210408
drakes deal 20150809_195027
drakes deal 20150809_191509


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