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Brick Warriors Packs at TRU

These packs are on clearance at Toys R Us. The lowest marked price tag says $1.98, but I scanned them anyways and it ended up being $0.98. So I went ahead and picked a couple up seeing that ordering these pieces and paying for shipping would have possibly cost a little bit more.

Below, a pic of the 3 series available in the $5 and under bin, and each pic thereafter representing one of each pack I picked up.


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This flight isn't overbooked.

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Russian River Brewing Company

Russian River Brewing Company
725 4th Street, Santa Rosa CA 95404

I have been to this location many times, the only time I could say to plan ahead would be during Pliny the Younger season. Expect possibly a 30-60 minute wait for a table, but well worth it for the food and awesome service.

There is a bar that is usually full, but some standing room and a side area to order beers while you wait for a table, or you can just come in and stand at the bar and try beers.

To the left of the entrance is a section where you can just order beers to-go, growler fills, and merchandise so no need to wait around.