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The Apollo Box

The Apollo Box

The Appollo Box is a website that showcases a bunch of unique products. They offer a number of brewing kits, similar to this Craft-A-Brew Kit and a couple others that look very neat. There is also a wide range of other products to browse through. They also offer an AR (Augmented Reality) to browse and interact with virtual 3D products in your real environment through the Apollo Box app.

I checked out the Craft-A-Brew Kit, Intergalactic Pale Ale from Seventh Sun Brewing. It uses the Galaxy Hop from Australia, and listed as an IPA, there are 4 ozs to be used throughout the brewing process.

The kit comes with:
1. 1 gallon carboy (fermenter)
2. airlock
3. drilled rubber stopper
4. transfer tubing
5. racking cane
6. thermometer
7. funnel
8. tube clamp

Recommended equipment: fine mesh strainer, large brew pot, 10lbs ice, bottles (swing top or regular bottles and a capping kit)
*I bought a 4 pack of 16oz Grolsch Beers, enjoyed them, then made sure the bottles never made it to the recycle bin. $6 for 4 bottles AND beer, just gotta clean the bottles after.

The instruction booklet is laid out pretty clearly. The only changes are for specific recipes, for this Intergalactic Pale Ale, the hop packets list specific times for each packet to be added. The last hop packet actually added 5 days until bottling, as it states to add to the carboy after 2 weeks of fermenting.

Well,set aside a nice morning or afternoon for the start of the brew process, then find a good spot to put the carboy away from light but easy to clean, as I have had the rubber stop come off before, so this time it’s in the bath/shower we do not currently use until the fermenting calms. Once all is done, you may want to try the other beer styles.

Check out The Apollo Box

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Apollo Box is an online shopping platform that celebrates the act of discovery. Apollo Box is dedicated to providing customers with creative products and unique gifts they can get excited about. With their AR shopping feature in the Apollo Box app, they designed a new way to play and share virtual products before you buy them.

Update on the beer after the final packet hops finishes its job with the yeast.


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