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New Bootlegs

Got a few more bootlegs from China. They took about 2-3 weeks, and am still waiting on a handful. The first pic Flash, the one on the left is one I had already which is way better quality than the one I just got. The one on the right I got because I was unhappy with my original bootleg’s ear thingies being set wrong. The new bootleg came with a shield that reads “THE FSALH.”

Got an R2 unit that I could care less about, since I just wanted the BB-8 bootleg (because the X-wing set is just way too expensive right now). The paint on the R2 unit is crooked, but the BB-8 is awesome.

Found this Dr. Fate minifig and initially got excited about it. Got it, opened it and built it, and laughed the whole time because the helmet was made using a Star Wars Clone Trooper helmet mold.

The Bullseye, Kick-Ass, and Red Hood are mediocre quality bootlegs. Look at the crooked eyes on Bullseye.

Killer Croc, Winter Soldier, The Terminator, and Gambit all appear to be made by the same manufacturer, as the plastic is matte (no shininess) and there is excess plastic from the molding around he edges of the arms. The Gambit one is my favorite out this new manufacturer (bootlegger).


A Christmas Carol

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Santa's Little Helper

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